Sellers Information


* Each home is unique and therefore requires a unique approach for marketing, however there are certain basic steps that need to be taken for each home. Lets review these, then discuss any other ideas we may develop together to best market your home.

* We will advertise your home on a regular basis using local print advertising including The Littleton Courier, The Caledonian Record, The Journal Opinion, The Times Argus, The North Star, and other appropriate print publications.

* Your property will be featured on our company WEB page: -- this gives you local, regional and national exposure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, an automatic e-mail feature enables buyers to get daily information based on pre-set criteria.

* Your property, if it is a single family residential dwelling, will be advertised on, the largest real estate web site in the United States.

* Your property will be listed on the PrimeMLS, a statewide MLS (Multiple Listing Service) where hundreds of offices and sales associates will have access to the information on your property.

* Our sales associates will preview your property so they will all be familiar with it and can answer sign and ad calls in a knowledgeable manner. It also enables us to match your property with prospective buyers in our files.

* An information sheet with a color picture will be prepared for distribution to prospective buyers, and mailed to selected area employers and business owners.

* Your home will be added in our list of homes for sale. These comprehensive lists are updated weekly and passed out to prospective buyers and mailed to selected employers and business owners monthly.

* Activity will be monitored and you will be updated on a regular basis by the listing associate.

* Pictures of your home will be featured, on a rotating basis, on our "homes board" in our office.


* With your permission, a "For Sale" sign is placed on your property directing calls to our offices.

* All appointments are scheduled through us, all inquiries are made through us, all offers are presented through us.

* We will encourage other Realtors® to preview your home; we will give them additional information as requested and work with them in a professional, courteous manner.

* When an offer is made we will review the contract, suggest changes if necessary and help you negotiate. We are not emotionally involved with the property and can look at the contract with an objective perspective.

* We follow the progress of the sale from the application process, the appraisal, the inspection, the legal work and the addendum's that are often necessary, right through to the closing.

* Begin Realty sales associates know area lenders, appraisers and attorneys personally and we are in touch with them on a regular basis. Because we are a substantial source of business for them, they are more than happy to respond to most of our requests for information and help.

* We listen to your suggestions and apply them when possible.

* We have a SELLER FIRST office policy.

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