COVID-19 Update

Effective: Friday, April 9, 2021

Overview: Vermont Governor Phil Scott released the Vermont Forward
Plan on April 6th. The 3-step plan works to ensure a safe easing of
personal restrictions and continued reopening of the State's economy.
The real estate Sector is considered a "low contact sector" and is
included in STEP 1 of the Vermont Forward Plan.

Under the STEP 1 Plan, REALTORS® must 1) comply with the State's
universal guidance and 2) Continue to wear masks and physical distance
except when in the presence of household members.

Out-of-state buyers are allowed to travel to Vermont under the
following conditions: 1) Must have been fully vaccinated for COVID-19;
2) If not fully vaccinated, must receive a negative COVID-19 test no
more than 3 days PRIOR to arrival in Vermont.

REALTORS® are no longer required to use the COVID-19 Real Estate
Compliance Form. However, prior to buyers traveling from out-of-state
to Vermont, REALTORS® are encouraged to ask two questions: 1) Has
everyone in your party been fully vaccinated? 2) If not, has everyone
in your party tested negative within 3 days of arriving in Vermont?

If you have questions, please feel free to call Rosemary H. Gingue,
Broker/Owner of Begin Realty Associates 802 535 7514 or email: To get the latest information, please visit
the ACCD